Visual novel characters, Spindle Shank and his mother, Frey, look toward the audience cautiously.
Toad Trails Troidzone
Scribe Stories Staff  

Welcome to the new Scribe Stories website!

Hi, everyone! We, here at Scribe Stories, want to welcome everyone to our shiny, new site!

For those of you coming over from the Troidzone website, welcome back. I know it’s been a tough few years, but after taking some time to regroup, it made sense to post all public updates here and on our Facebook page. This will keep us focused and hopefully prevent us from becoming overwhelmed with too many places to manage. Troidzone is still not dead and has been approved for a visual novel adaption at some point in the future. Keep an eye on announcements!

For those of you coming from other places, we’re happy to have you and hope that we’ll be able to impart some of our over-abundance of excitement to you.

We’ve set up our support page where we’ll be sharing art that isn’t widely available to the public yet. We’ll also livestream, both publicly and privately, in the coming months. We’ll be sure to discuss the development process and progress so keep a lookout for that!

With that all out, some probably wonder where we are right now with our current project, Toad Trails. We are about 1/4 finished the story and are currently buckling down to catch up with art. This project initially started around September of 2020 with the story itself already boasting a development timeline of nearly 20 years. (The concept was initially conceived around the turn of the millennium. How cool is that!)

We are immensely motivated and hope to have more to share soon!

In the meantime, I’m delighted to share this image of the main character, Shank, with his mother, Frey. If it amuses you, I’d love to know what you think they’re looking at.

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